About us MyBillCash.com

What is Mybillcash?

MYBILLCASH Is a blockchain company that creates a marketplace for microjobs seekers and employers to interact flawlessly by using the available on-demand scalable workforce through a flexible user interface, mybillscash offers the cheapest fees in the industry and uses XSB token as a means of transactions.


Mybillcash is a tokenized user to user micro task platform on the blockchain with enabled user to user messages.




Encrypted user to user messages

Voucher economy

Service marketplace

Offer and take quick job

Central escrow mechanism.

Job offers from 0.001 XSB

Job searching by keyword

XSB token staking




Bills token can be staked for more profits, mybillcash offers 0.35% daily on every 2000 bills or more staked, this is equivalent to 10.5% per month. This percentage is not permanent and can be adjusted based on the market reactions to bills token trading.





Name - MybillCash

Code - XSB

Decimal - 11

Contract - 0xb187beed5012ea4d6d98a16c53aacba1b15506bd

Total supply - 11,000,000

Token  type - Ethereum ERC 20

Starting price - $1



Signup & referral bonus - 25%

Reserve for masternode - 50%

Team - 10 %

Game development - 5 %

Game promotions - 5 %

Legal and documentation - 2 %

Bounty - 1 %

Airdrop - 1 %

Advisors - 1 %



0.35 %  per day, 2000 XSB minimum.




Mybillcash does not offer any ICO, IEO or any fundraising but operate fully as a P.O.M  business models and raising  its funds  by P.O.M method.

Mybillcash is a proof of members  economy  (P.O.M) the money members that works on our platform the higher the price of our token.

We require a minimum of 10000 members in order to maintain the $1 standard value of our token.

More information about this when we release our whitepaper.



90% of mybillcash project have been completed :

Dapp implementation –  after 5000 members

Multiusers virtual reality game – after 10000 members.


 Turn Your Time Into Money With Micro Jobs   

 We are the leading microjob service provider internationally

Jobs sites have a large business worldwide and provide home user a Non-investing work from home.

Employers looking for people to work and go to different websites according to their campaign But!!

https://mybillcash.com solce this searching problems once and for all.

Thank you,